Beach Haus Cruiser AMERICAN IPA ~ 6.0 0

Bright copper color with mild citrus and tropical fruits, light toffee and baked bread notes. Medium-light bodied low carbonation.

Captain Lawrence Sunblock AMERICAN PALE WHEAT ALE ~ 5.00

Clear and straw gold color, citrus notes of lemon and orange with a nice sweetness. Light bodied with high carbonation

Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning IMP ERIAL PILSNER ~ 6.50

Baltimore,MD ABV 7.00% Bright honey golden color and sweet bready malt flavors. Medium body and crisp carbonation

Victory Festbier OCTOBERFEST/MARZEN ~ 6.5 0

Downington, PA ABV 5.60% Dark burnt amber color. Buttery flavor with cinnamon, malts and a hint of pine. Medium bodied with a nice carbonation

Stella Artois EURO PALE LAGER ~ 6.00

Clear light golden color with clean malts and fruity yeast. Light bodied and lightly carbonated.

*Limited Availability*Southern Tier PumpKing IMPERIAL PUMPKIN ALE ~ 7.00

Clear orange rust color and pumpkin pie aromas; cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and sweetness. Medium bodied and good carbonation.This is the pinnacle of pumpkin beers.